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Executives at the helm of organisations today are experimenting with ways that big data can be used to strategically add business value. A survey of more than 395 C-level executives, sponsored by Platfora, shows that senior leaders are optimistic about the capabilities of big data, but many still struggle with big-data applications.

The majority admit they would like to achieve deeper knowledge of the underlying data-related technologies. This need for better understanding will only grow as the application of big data across a wide array of corporate activities increases beyond customer- facing functions. 

Today, big data tends to be siloed within organisational departments. The survey indicates, however, that executives realise that it should be a shared responsibility, one that is coordinated across the enterprise. 

This executive summary report explores the different C-suite beliefs, priorities and opinions on the subject of big-data analytics.

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Key findings include:

  • 48% of executives believe big data to be a useful tool, while another 23% say big data will revolutionise the way businesses are managed.
  • Lack of understanding about how to use big data stands in the way of implementation
  • Customer insights and targeting are currently the highest priority for the application of big data—cited by 42% of the C-level executives
  • Optimal value from big data comes from the creation of enterprise-wide big-data teams
  • Disagreement exists among top leadership about who should be leading big-data adoption


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