Report Summary

Supply-chain managers have a new focus: to move from cutting costs to enabling new processes and making corporations more connected and agile to create value across the entire enterprise.

A key part of this transition includes the transformation of traditional supply chains into demand-sensitive networks. Creating more agile companies requires building acceptance of rapid change into the organisational structure, allowing decisions to be made collaboratively and having roles and responsibilities be more flexible. Supply-chain managers can help their companies become more agile by making best use of the new data and analytic tools available to them.

Date Published: November 12th 2014

Why read this report

  • Supply chains are becoming more agile and more robust.
  • As more data are collected, companies will be able to mine the data for additional insights.
  • Companies wanting to assure themselves of the quality of a particular supplier can tap the insights and intelligence of entire communities.
  • As the huge complex of supply chains become more streamlined, many of them may also become more regional.
  • More efficient supply chains will allow companies to reduce and optimise their inventories‚ÄĒand perhaps even to reduce their capital reserves.


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