The 2013 CFO job description has never been so demanding. As well as having to continue to manage risks and costs, finance chiefs are now being expected to grow the business—in spite of challenging circumstances.

Over 100 CFOs and finance leaders met to discuss this and other core issues including:

  • The outlook for policy, investment and the global economy over the next 12 months and how this impacts the CFO and influence on the board
  • What steps can be taken to balance strict risk management with company growth ambitions. Should CFOs delay investments or pursue growth?
  • How CFOs can prepare their business for growth in the year ahead by becoming a leader in the field of innovation
  • Which strategies can be deployed in finance leaders' push for growth in both mature and emerging markets—and what opportunities and challenges can CFOs expect to encounter in 2013 and beyond?


  CFO 2012 photos   CFO 2012 presentations

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