The Global Agenda 2009 pictures


A private gathering of 50 chairmen, CEOs and influential thinkers from politics and academia, The Global Agenda provides a unique opportunity for world leaders to meet and discuss the key business, political and economic issues of the day. 

Alongside The Economist’s Editor-in-Chief will be three other members of his senior editorial team who will lead the discussion of the topics that are dominating the boardroom. In the spirit of The Economist, the event focuses on a free and open exchange of ideas. 

Those invited to participate at The Global Agenda represent the cream of European business, politics and thought-leadership. Invitees range from heads of $1 billion-plus global corporations to prize-winning academics and senior policymakers.

Last year, the proceedings were kicked off by Christine Lagarde, the French Finance Minister, who gave a keynote at dinner, and the meeting closed the next day with an interview with Jorma Ollila, Chairman of Nokia. This year, prospective topics for debate include the global economy and prospects for a sustained recovery. We will also discuss the role of the state and the key challenges for business in the next five years.

The Global Agenda has two parts: a dinner on Thursday November 4th, with a specially invited speaker, followed by a meeting from 08.30-13.15 on Friday November 5th.

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