China reconstructs

China Summit is The Economist’s award-winning, annual event in Beijing. Hosted by the Editor-in-Chief and the newspaper’s China editorial team, this year’s programme will explore the progress of China’s reforms and prospects for their success. Editors will lead discussion and debate on the country’s business environment, economy, politics and society with high-profile speakers from China and abroad.

The event will convene business leaders, policymakers, academics and observers who wish to discuss, debate and learn.

The summit will open with a welcome reception at the residence of the British Ambassador to China, Sebastian Wood, on November 5th. All China Summit delegates are warmly invited to join this high-level cocktail reception.




    Ticket TypeTicket Price
    Standard rateUSD 1,800
    Advance purchase rate (until Aug 11th)USD 1,620
    The Economist subscribers/supporting organization rateUSD 1,440
    The Economist Corporate Network member rateUSD 1,080
    Government/ Academic rateUSD 1,080

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