Let us tell you their stories

We have handed out awards to some of the world's leading entrepreneurs, thinkers, creators, scientists and innovators. 

De Soto. Miyamoto. Gates. Zuckerberg. Wales. Jobs. People who have changed the game. Those who sow the seeds of an idea and nurture them into the innovations that we incorporate into our everyday lives. This year we celebrated the twists and turns of ideation and creation -- the stories behind these great innovators.

Among the host of leading innovators celebrated at last year's Innovation Awards were the brains behind modern maps, anti-cancer drugs and private space flight. The awards, sponsored by Huawei and Astellas, recognise significant contributions across eight fields ranging from business processes to environmental technology.

This year's action was streamed live and free from London's BAFTA theatre on December 3rd 2013.

Relive the excitement of the ceremony and watch our on-demand version of the live broadcast at www.economistinnovationlive.com.


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