The introduction

Four years on and Europe’s Capital Markets are still in a state of prolonged crisis. And economic stagnation no longer sits in Europe alone. What effect will the dramatic slow-down of emerging economies have on the long-term survival of Europe’s capital Markets? Where will the next bubble form and burst? How will start ups and tomorrow’s entrepreneurs spark growth in the Capital Markets industry? Bellwether Europe in 2011 focused on the threats faced by investors and how to manage them; in 2012 conversations optimistically centred on how to identify opportunities in a zero-growth epoch.

In 2013… it will be about survival. 2013. Adapt or Die. Attend Bellwether Europe to better understand your fate.

You need to understand:
How European financial markets are reforming beyond recognition
What the new rule makers are doing and what the new rules will look like
Where and how they can find returns as growth in Europe is anaemic

What is the real benefit to you?

  • An unrivalled senior audience for high-level networking.
  • Access to new ideas / strategies that will shape the industry.
  • Access to new and free research

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