Over 200 senior pharma executives gathered at The Dorchester on February 10th to discuss how the pharma industry needs to rebuild its image and position itself as a key industry in tomorrow’s marketplace. 

Today’s big pharma companies would have been almost unrecognisable ten years ago. No longer able to rely on patented drugs for their revenue streams, pharma companies have been diversifying into new products – from generics to animal health and consumer healthcare - and into new markets, especially the fast-growing Asian economies.

But is this trajectory sustainable in the long-term? And will R&D-led pharma ever be able to generate the profits of former decades?

Join the debate where top pharma players will share their thoughts on the out look for the pharma industry in the long term and discuss the business models for future success.

GAIN INSIGHTS FROM THE INDUSTRY'S LEADING CHIEF EXECUTIVES: hear their unique visions for the future of pharma
LEARN WHICH BUSINESS PORTFOLIOS will give your company the competitive advantage in the new high growth economies
DISCOVER HOW PHARMA CAN RE-ESTABLISH TRUST and how to adapt the pharma business model to capture value in new ways
GATHER TIPS on how to make personalised medicine pay its way
HEAR THE ECONOMIST INTELLIGENCE UNIT'S LATEST FORECAST: for the markets that will lead the industry's growth in 2011
MEET OVER 150 SENIOR EXECUTIVES from across pharma and network with leading influential thinkers in the industry

Key speakers included:

John lechleiter

John Lechleiter
Chairman, President, and Chief Executive Officer
Eli Lilly 

David Redfern

David Redfern
Chief Strategy Officer GlaxoSmithKline 

Ponni Subbiah

Ponni Subbiah
Vice-president and Head Global Access Strategy  Pfizer 

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