Over 200 senior executives from the pharma industry attended this year's summit. 84% of the audience was director level or above and eight of the world’s top ten pharmaceutical companies were present.

The pharma industry is facing some difficult strategic choices. As the costs of R&D escalate, other more reliable revenue streams look increasingly attractive.

What are the best bets? Will big pharma in its current incarnation even be around in ten years time? And will it be new business models or technological innovations that fundamentally change the industry?

Now in its 18th year, our annual summit identifies those trends that have the potential to truly transform the pharmaceutical industry. Chaired by Geoffrey Carr, Science Editor, The Economist this summit will bring together leading thinkers and experts, who will unlock a fresh perspective.  Attend this event to:

GAIN INSIGHT from leading global experts
DISCOVER new perspectives on the key strategic issues facing Pharma
LEARN about new innovations, trends and ideas that will shape the industry
BE INSPIRED by a forward-thinking agenda that challenges

  • Emerging healthcare models and the role pharma can play in this
  • The real implications of patient-centric healthcare
  • The game changers: the innovations that will transform the industry

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