The strategic event for the pharma industry

In its 19th year, The Pharma Summit, has become established as a major industry event for senior pharma executives in strategic roles. This year's event will be held at The Dorchester in London and will bring together senior figures from across the pharma industry to debate the future of this critical sector.

2013 event theme

Inventing and making drugs has always been the lifeblood of the pharma industry. But the current way of doing this is no longer feasible.

Should pharma cut its losses and get out of R&D, or does it still have a role to play in medical research?

There are some serious challenges out there for companies that go down this route. But also some fantastic opportunities.

And at The Pharma Summit, we will focus on the opportunities – come and find out how your organisation can be part of a thriving, research-led pharma industry.

High-level speakers joining us in 2013 include:


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