Having the right executive talent in place—ready to move to the top when needed—is critical for future business success. But how do you ensure a smooth shift to the next generation of leaders?

 Robert Guest, Business Editor at The Economist chaired the Sixth Annual Talent Management Summit on June 14th 2012.

The summit gathered over 180 HR and talent leaders and influential thinkers. Discussions on the day were all-encompassing and looked at human capital management at a strategic level.

  • How do you attract and retain enough employees at all levels to meet the needs of organic and inorganic growth? Is culture the absolute bed rock on which once can develop talent?
  • How do you create a value proposition that appeals to multiple generations?
  • How do you develop a robust leadership pipeline and transfer key knowledge and relationships?
  • How do you achieve top-level buy-in and what is required by a CEO to get his team onside?
  • How do you unlock women’s leadership potential and release the next generation’s brightest talent?

Photos from the Talent Management Summit  Speaker presentations from the Talent Management Summit  

Liane Hornsey,
Vice-president, People Operations,
Doug Baillie,
Chief Human Resources Officer,
Richard Evans,
Chief Executive Officer,
PepsiCo UK, Ireland and South Africa
Burnet Tucker, 
Global Head of Staffing, Learning and Leadership Development, 
Bank of America
Budaraju Sudhakar, 
Chief Human Resources Officer, 
Tata Chemicals
Carole Jones, 
Director, Global Human Resource Strategy and organisational Development, 

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