Forests play a substantial role in global and national economies.

At The Economist’s inaugural World Forests Summit in March 2013, we launched a discussion about the importance of forests in regard to climate change and the world’s survival. In 2014, The Economist's 2nd World Forests Summit will take a more holistic approach, discussing the major themes impacting the world's forests, bringing key stakeholders together for a series of frank discussions.

Join our debates with experts from around the world on sustainable land use, the compatibility of forests with expanding commercial agriculture, the future of forests and bioenergy as well as developments within the timber and fibre markets.

Discover the true economics of forests and what new innovative forest products are on the way.

Topics to be discussed include:

  • The true economics of forests - how can we price all the benefits that forests provide adequately? What new trade opportunities will arise, apart from timber and trade of forest products? How to make forest initiatives interesting for private financial institutions?
  • Rethinking land use: how to achieve sustainable forest and land management?
  • Agro-forestry: dealing with the expansion of commercial agriculture?
  • Local forest management - collaborating with indigenous communities
  • Innovation in forests - new products and business models
  • Public-private partnerships in forestry: finding the right balance between conservation and the use of natural resources

Discover the true economics of forests and what new innovative forest products are on the way.

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World Forests Summit 2014

Unlocking the true potential of forests

March 20th 2014, The Grand HĂ´tel

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