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The hype and the hope: The road to big data adoption in Asia-Pacific is an Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU) report, sponsored by Hitachi Data Systems. It examines the extent to which companies across the Asia-Pacific region are adopting the use of big data analytics and reveals the major obstacles they are encountering on the road to successful adoption

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  • Adoption is slower than you would expect: More than half of firms have made little or no progress in their big data strategies
  • Internal issues are inhibiting adoption: 91% of companies cite internal issues as barriers to big data adoption
  • Front-line employees can’t access the data they need: 81% of employees say that critical data resources are not available to them
  • Many believe in the benefits of data analytics: Almost half of firms believe big data can improve revenue by 25% or more
A company’s biggest hindrance to gaining value from big data is often itself



Published:November 28th 2013

Charles Ross

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