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Information risk: Managing digital assets in a new technology landscape is an Economist Intelligence Unit report, sponsored by HP. It is intended to explore how organisations view and approach information risk and its management in the era of “big data” and cloud computing.

The report is part of a global research programme dedicated to information risk. A range of multimedia content on the subject is available on a dedicated online hub - Managing Info Risk - including articles, videos, infographics and a live webinar. 

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  • Employees are the biggest risk to information but more than three-quarters (76%) of respondents believe information risk can largely be mitigated by technology
  • Increased collaboration with third parties and outsourcing are doing more to increase risks to information than cloud computing, big data or bring-your-own-device (BYOD)
  • Awareness of information risk does not extend across the business. Only one-in-four companies (27%) report an extensive awareness of information risk across the organisation
  • Placing a monetary value on information is a tricky but growing practice. Only one-in-ten companies have assigned a monetary amount to all types of information they hold, but the trend is moving in this direction
  • Different rules about personal data in different regions are problematic for companies. Over two-thirds (68%) of respondents would welcome greater regional harmonisation of the rules surrounding data security
  • Data breaches are now a fact of doing business. Nearly half (48%) of organisations experienced a loss of information in the past two years; the majority would not rule out doing business with another company suffering a breach
We no longer control a network perimeter over which we can throw a safe blanket and say that everything within the network is now safe and contained. Steve Durbin, global vice president, Information Security Forum



Published:November 20th 2013

Clint Witchalls
James Chambers
Interviewed for this report:

Jim Routh, chief information security officer, Aetna

Chris Sutherland, chief information security officer, USA, BMO Financial Group

Micky Lo, head of information risk management, APAC, BNY Mellon

Massimo Russo, partner, Boston Consulting Group

David Sherry, chief information security officer, Brown University

Kamlesh Bajaj, chief executive officer, Data Security Council of India

Paul van Kessel, global IT risk and assurance leader, EY

Denise Wood, chief information security officer, FedEx

Amar Singh, chief information security officer, a FTSE 100 company

Mark Jones, director, information technology security, compliance and governance, Heathrow Airport Holdings

Steve Durbin, global vice-president, Information Security Forum

Gram Ludlow, information security professional

Malcolm Marshall, head of information protection and business resilience, KPMG

Marcus Alldrick, chief information security officer, Lloyd’s of London

Choy Peng Wu, group chief information officer, SingTel

Phil Cracknell, chief information security officer, UK, TNT Express

Stefan Fenz, researcher, Vienna University of Technology

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