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The landscape of the workplace has changed dramatically, even in the past year. The same forces that have shifted the barriers to remote work—the ubiquity of Wi-Fi networks and high-speed cellular service, the move from boxy desktop computers to sleek laptops and tablets, and the migration from traditional landlines to mobile phones—are also changing the way we work within our office walls. 

New, more mobile devices—laptop computers, tablets and phones—combined with cloud services are continuing to transform work processes by speeding workplace interactions, making communication easier, and creating novel and evolving ways for colleagues and clients to interact. They also affect our assumptions about work—and what employers and employees expect it to involve.

"For any kind of initiative that you launch ... you should ask, ‘Have I allowed for mobile participation?’"
Gloria Burke, chief knowledge officer, Unisys


Published:July 8th 2014

Dan Rosenbaum
Frieda Klotz

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