The Chief Information Officer holds a unique position within their corporation. He or she is able to see across their company in ways that few of their counterparts across the business can. They are familiar with the details of how the business across all the different functions works as well as the critical customer and supplier issues faced. Couple this with technology's pervasive impact on a business and it is evident that the CIO is at the helm of change.

This one day event for CIOs and senior IT professionals drew on expert opinions from current as well as former holders of the role, other c-suite executives and influential thinkers to explore how the role of the CIO is changing.

  • What are the key attributes of a successful CIO?
  • Where do CIOs come from and where do¬†they go on to?
  • Where should the CIO sit within the C-suite?
  • What role should a CIO play¬†when it comes to affecting change and in particular digital transformation?
  • Should the CIO¬†deliver shareholder value or business value?
  • What challenges does the CIO of today face¬†compared to the CIO of yesterday?
  • Are the holders of the role prepared for the changes that¬†are afoot?

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The CIO Forum

For Agile Strategists

December 4th 2014, Mandarin Oriental Hotel

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